To blog or not to blog…..


This is a bit strange and new. I didn’t plan to create a new blog this evening. But I do a lot of things I don’t plan. Like I didn’t plan to buy the pair of unicorn slippers I bought yesterday morning (my feet got wet in the rain and I NEEDED something to wear in the office – don’t judge me). I also didn’t plan for my hair to fall out when I was 27 years old. But it did. And it’s brought me a whole world of weirdness and wonderfulness that I would never have thought possible.

So what are my thoughts/hopes for this blog? As part of my weird and wonderful journey with alopecia areata (the condition that caused my hair to fall out) I’ve been in touch with loads of people with hair loss. I have found many people with alopecia through my twitter account (@hairlesswhisper). I’m also in touch with a whole world of people with alopecia by doing most of the social media updates for the fabulous charity, Alopecia UK.

The limitations of social media is that I’m restricted to a small number of characters. The idea of a blog appeals to me as it will allow me to expand my thoughts (and no doubt ramblings – you’ve been warned!!). Also, when doing social media updates for the charity, it’s not appropriate for me to be as daft as I often am in real life….although occasionally a little silliness creeps in. This blog will allow me to add a bit more of ‘me’ into the things i’d like to say to the world about what it’s like to lose your hair unexpectedly, the impact it has and the situations it creates.

So here I am. I’m not sure how regularly I’ll be posting and whether any of you are going to be interested in what I have to say! But I’m thinking this blog will allow me to share some of the stories/experiences from over the past four years that i’ve had alopecia – can’t believe it’s been that long!

I’m hoping that others with hair loss may find my words give them some support, strength and, if I have my way, amusement.

We’ll see how this goes. It will be nice to hear your feedback. Unless it’s to point out any punctuation or grammar mistakes. In which case, pipe down – i’m not interested 😉


What you lookin’ at?


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